Introducing PROTEXX Surface Protection

It’s rare that flooring is the last job completed on any new build or remodel. Whether it’s the painters, the electrician, the plumber, or just the movers bringing in furniture, inevitably someone is going to be walking on your brand new floor before the homeowner moves in. Floor protection paper is the simplest way to keep your installation protected from spills and scrapes.

We are proud to offer a full range of paper options in the PROTEXX Surface Protection line. From base grade builder paper, to industry standard 42 mil heavy duty protection, PROTEXX has you covered.

*PROTEXX Builder Paper coming soon..

Features & Benefits:

  • wider & up to 5x thicker than builder paper! (PROTEXX-HD)
  • Safe for all Surfaces:
    • wood
    • concrete
    • stone
    • ceramic tile
    • linoleum
    • vCT
    • epoxy
  • liquid resistant
  • breathable
  • recyclable


PROTEXX-BP: Construction Grade Kraft Paper
35-in x 140-ft roll (88.9cm x 42.67m) | PRODUCT #PSP-0635

PROTEXX-LT: 22 MIL Thickness (.56mm)
36-in x 100-ft roll (91.44cm x 30.48m) | PRODUCT #PSP-2236

PROTEXX: 35 MIL Thickness (.89mm)
36-in x 100-ft roll (91.44cm x 30.48m) | PRODUCT #PSP-3536

PROTEXX-HD: 42 MIL Thickness (1.07mm)
38-in x 100-ft roll (96.52cm x 30.48m) | PRODUCT #PSP-4238

Download PROTEXX Spec Sheet